Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life is back to normal..

All three children are returning to normal now, swine flu has moved through the house, it still lingers with my husband and I. Odd all the news reports say that it is hitting children much harder and yet the two of us have suffered much worse than the triplets did. Which I am glad it turned out that way. I would much rather my be sick than them any day. It is so much harder when a little one is sick.

I had parent teacher conferences yesterday and was plesently surprised at how things turned out. First their grades were awesome. JM had the most areas in which he needs help (which was no big surprise) and the areas that he needs work are things that I already knew he needed extra help on and is getting at school and home. The teachers love him and say that he is very well behaved and that other than typical boy behavior they have had no issues with him. I am so happy that he is adjusting so well and doing so well in school. I was so worried that I would get reports home and be called to the school often due to him not doing well. His teacher's in fact said that had I not told them and if not for a few minor personality things they would have never guessed he had aspergers. I attribute this to him being in therapy since he was one years of age and all of the hard work he has done over the past several years to learn to deal with all the sensory input.

Douglas had a great report as well, he had 3's on everything with the exception of two things, address and patterning. I am so proud of my little man. The teacher said he gets the giggles so easy and has such a contagious laugh. She also said he seems to be a care taker, I was aware of this and will need to work on him doing things for himself and not giving up his things for his brother and sister. I want him to be happy and not always worry about everyone else.

Kalie Rose, like Douglas had mostly 3's with a handful of 2's, the teachers love her and call her their fashion princess of the class room. (big surprise there) the things she needs work on were no big surprise to me either. She is such a smart girl and is doing so well.

Again, all and all I am very proud of the three of them and how well they are doing in school. They all seem to have adapted very well to being in the new school, to being in separate class rooms and to the longer days.


  1. What a great report! I am sure you were holding your breath to see how they would do with school.

  2. Hopefully you and your husband can shake the remains of the swine flu soon.

    Congrats an the great reports!

  3. I`m happy for you :)

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  5. I am glad to hear that they are feeling better and hopefully you and hubby are feeling better now too. My girls had the swine flu but they were fortunate that they didn't have any severe symptoms. Their worst was the high fever that even with meds did not want to go down. As it went through the house we escaped it. Just our girls got it. They are both good now though.


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