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Child Proofing your home.. A guest article

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Childproofing Your Home

We often look at our young children from our vantage point – standing above them, and not seeing the world at their eye level. We see things around the house from our point of view. Because of this, we often fail to see the dangers that abound right in front of our kids, in the corners they can crawl into, in the to places they can reach with their hands and knock things off and in the crevices and holes they can poke their fingers into. Try this experiment – go on your hands and knees and crawl around your home and try to go into the places where your baby can likely go into and poke around. Pull on cords and cables, reach up into the table and see what you can knock over. Look for uncovered electrical outlets and other hazards. You are sure to be surprised by what you will discover. Kids can crawl or run around and explore their immediate surroundings, so it’s important that we check and see the house from their perspective to make sure everything is safe.

Childproofing the house not only means making it safe for babies or small children. You might be surprised to know too that one third the total injuries resulting to death in kids aged 14 and under is unintentional injury at home. One of the top ten reasons that kids aged 3 and below visit the ER is household injuries. Approximately 70% of young children who die of unintentional injuries at home are under 4 years old. It’s not surprising that young children are subjected to these risks at home because it is there where they are found to spend most of their time.

The best way to make sure that children are kept away from possible injuries is supervision. We need to supervise them in the home and outside of it. However, even the most vigilant and watchful parents cannot keep their children always out of harm’s way. It is essential to make your house childproof and set up child protection aids in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, stairs and hallways, nursery, bedrooms, yard and garage.

Remember that even the best childproofing efforts are not a substitute for responsible parenting. Even the slightest distraction can allow your children to wander about and fall into trouble. is a great resource for anyone that is wanting to start their own day care, from free lesson down loads to day car jobs listings to resources for starting your own center.

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