Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flu update

My boys are doing very well, they have been on thamaflu for some time now and doing breathing treatments three times a day. I thought that JM was without fever yesterday but at bed time his fever went back up. He has been fever free most of today. Douglas has been running a low grade fever today.

Kalie got off the bus yesterday with a fever, we started her right away on thamaflu and breathing treatments. I have started to feel bad and am running a fever, right at 100. My husband is not running a fever but is feeling run down and tired.

We are hanging in there and hopefully almost to the end of this with the boys.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support

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  1. Gawd- my biggest fear. If you guys can get through this, then I have nothing to fear. Praying for you all and that Mom and Dad stay strong.


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