Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kalie at school, JM on the bus

It seems that Kalie has found her voice. For the longest she would not talk, would not sing. She was even thought to have selective mutisim for a while. (she went through an entire year of preschool without talking at all while there, she would just smile)

well since last Thursday she now has had three notes home from school for talking.. How do I not be happy about this, the child I never thought would talk at school is talking up a storm. I will talk to her if it becomes a problem but right now it is not an issue in my mind.

Now onto JM and I am sure this is related to Aspergers, he is having a hard time on the bus, does not want to sit right and sits really close to the boy beside him. We are moving him for the third time this year. He is getting moved to by the window, same seat and Doug will be beside him instead of their friend. I hope this will help him not to squish poor L. He still has body awareness issues and a need to be right on top of everyone. I am not sure what I can do to help him with this. We will resume therapy next week, (took a break because of my surgery) I hope she can help me to address this.

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