Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Count Down

Wow. Hard to believe that nine days from now and we will be celebrating the most awesome time of year.

I have to brag on my Douglas, today at school he had a Christmas program where the teacher had recorded what Christmas means to him, his response was We celebrate Christmas as Jesus's birthday, presents are just an added bonus.. I could not be more proud of him..

Kalie spent last weekend making a present for mommy, she showed me the box it is in and is very excited to give it to me. In fact yesterday when I told her we have ten days till Christmas she said Yes mommy, ten days till I can give you your present. She is more excited about what she is giving me than what she is getting.

John Michael siad he is going to make me something tomorrow. Can not wait to see what they come up with..

This past weekend John Michael and I spent the weekend in Mississippi for a family funeral. I am sad to say that I lost my dear Aunt after a struggle with heart disease. She lived a very long life and will be greatly missed. JM was awesome all weekend. We had a lot of time in the car to chat and and talk about the things around us. He was so sweet all weekend, I think it did him a world of good to have some one on one time. Something they rarely get.

So far this holiday season I have taken KR to see the rocketts, she loved it and will be taking the boys to The Polar Express tomorrow at Stone Mountain.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone..

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