Sunday, August 31, 2008

My dad is coming home from Iraq!!!

Finaly, my dad has sercured a job back in the states, this means that as of Feb of next year he will be home for good, and the job is right up his alley, he will be traveing with Nascar, setting up events and managing promotions etc. I really do not have a prefrance for what he does just so he is home.

Preschool starts on Tuesday, it is hard to believe that they are going in to four year old Pre-K. I am excited and ready for it to start, yet sad that they are old enough to go. It seems like just yesterday I was learning that I was pregnant with them, when in fact it has already been five years.. Where on earth does the time go.

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  1. That's really amazing about your dad. But, I know it has to be sad about the triplets.
    I'm only 18 (so I don't have any kids of my own) but I do have a niece. She just started second grade. It feels like yesterday she was born.
    Kids grow up so fast. I feel for you.


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