Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh WOW. I forgot all about my blog..

So I was messing around on my computer and what do you know my old blog is still active. I thought Maybe I would update and try my best to keep it going this time.

Where to start, since my last post my Toddlers have gone from toddlers to preschoolers, (yes it has been that long) we have moved from IL to Georgia and DH is working from home (Pray for me)

If you are reading this blog then more then you already know all of this, so I will go on as if I never missed a beat.

Right now in our lives the boys are spending the week in NC at Nana's and Papa's house. Kalie has me to her self all week. We had a great weekend, went to dinner with friends, a block party on Saturday and a fever on Sunday.

Pre-K starts in three weeks, now that is the part that is hard to believe. That my babies are going to Pre-K. I am going to attempt to have them in separate classes, however the school knows that after two weeks if KR is not adjusting well we will have to put them back together. She is the one I am most worried about as she is so close to her brothers.

All three are still doing Speech and Occupational Therapy, they have come a long way, communicating so well, however we still have a few issues to work through.

As far as Keith and I, we are doing great, we moved into our dream house two years ago, have finally gotten settled and started to make a few changes, purchase new furniture etc. Have made some great friends and are really getting to a point that life is going great for us.

I will try and post some pictures of the house and the kids.

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