Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day of Preschool

I can not believe it is here and that everyone survived. We had our first day of four year old preschool. It was a tramatic day for mommy and JM as it was his frist day in a class by himself. However He loved it on day two. (so I did not post yesterday, I was busy)

As this is our third year at the school it is our third year here and our last. (now that will be sad for mommy) The teachers seem nice this year and the kids are really excited to be back with their friends..

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  1. OMG...I saw the pic of your children on the ChaCha forums and had to see if they were triplets:) They are so cute! I have triplets, as well, who are going to be three. Right now is probably our busiest time, lol. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!


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