Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All three back home again- Preschool Decesion to make

So all three are back home and it is kind of nice, I really missed them a great deal (the boys that is) It was very obvious that KR was not her self when they were gone as well. As a result I am haiving a hard time with my decesion to seperate them in preschool. I am thinking that it could cause more harm than good with Kalie and Douglas, she cries for him when he is gone.

I think that John Michael would do fine by himself, the big question is how will Kalie Rose and Douglas handle being without eachother. It is so odd to see their connection. I know I should have expected it with them being triplets. I guess it just amazes me every day how close they are.

The bond they share is def different than what I had with my brother and sister. They are so cute together. Kalie does love playing with her girl friends, however she misses her brothers a great deal when they are apart.

Just rambling tonight. Thanks for letting me.

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