Tuesday, April 21, 2009

People never sease to amaze me

The boys are playing five year old t ball this year, tonight they had one of their games. The team has eleven players on it, they can only play ten players at a time, well the batting coach came to the conclusion that seeing how I had two boys playing that it would be okay for one of them to always be on the bench. She starts Douglas, and JM starts the game not playing, then at 30 minutes into the game she pulls Douglas and puts JM in.

I get that not every child can play the entire game, but could she please just allow them to play one game through.

Keith asked her tonight why was it that our boys were always pulled, her response. was well you have two playing, this way one is on the field at all times. Gee lady, you really think that is fair to my kids. The other 9 boys on the team play the entire game, but because I have two boys on the team they can only play half the game each.

Get a clue lady and let them play the game.


  1. That's really rude! And it makes no sense! I came from a LARGE family (8 kids on my MOM'S side alone...) and I hated when people treated me and my siblings as though we were one unit, rather than individuals!

  2. Are you freaking kidding me????? I don't know you or your children, but I am furious!! That's like saying you only two halves of children. I want to track her down and tie her to a bench....

    Sorry. I hate hearing things like that.


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