Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sleeping in a cabin, was not that bad

So we managed, the boys actually slept on the top bunk. They loved it. I never thought I would let them do that, but hey you have to give up control sometime.

Kalie slept on the bottom, and she is the one that rolled out of bed, go figure. They were so worn out by the time it came time for bed that no one managed to stay awake for our entire story. They slept all night. I was very proud of them, I guess this means that there will be many more overnight trips in our future.

On Sunday we went to my brothers house and spent the day on a slip n slide, the only odd thing that happened was that KR refused to go down on her tummy. She said it felt funny.

Douglas of course loved every minute of it and JM was on and off of it.

Douglas did show an odd fear of dogs this go around, my sister has two dogs. He has been around them many times before but for some reason this time if they entered the room he was almost sitting on my head to get away from the dogs. I have no idea what was up with that.

We have not gone to OT in three weeks now, due to her traveling and us traveling, it is starting to show with JM, he is spitting more and getting more upset. He seems to tire easier than the other two and just wants as he says "hold me" that is his code to me when things are not right, when he is overwhelmed and when well he just needs to take a step back from the world and refocus. I have heard it many times in the past several days.

We go back next week.. Lets hope he can make it.

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