Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camping with Triplets.

There were many times before last Friday that I questioned my logic in deciding to take the kids camping. They are five years old, we have never really stayed in a hotel etc since they were babies. So it was kind of stressful for me, not knowing how we would handle the sleeping issues. (two bunk beds and a queen size bed in the cabin)

Then there is the water park, the park, Jelly Stone in Mississippi, advertised that it is perfect for children eight and younger. I was still skeptical. Kalie hates to have water in her eyes, Douglas is getting more and more brave in the water and well John Michael has been having more and more melt downs.

needless to say I thought I would need major Valium before it was over with. My children surprised me, they were so great.

First the park, it was awesome. We loved it. The name of it again was Jelly Stone Camp Grounds, located in Pelatachie Mississippi. They have a water park that consist of two slides that are age appropriate for children eight and younger. The water is so shallow you can lay out in it to get a tan. I layed in the water and watched them play all day long. They had different art activities every hour on the hour for the children as well as family events, put put, beach vollyball etc.

There is also a great lake and a pool for swimming, fishing, paddle boats, movies at night, (outside of course) a game room, a cafe. and oh so much more. My children were not bored.

JM did have a few times that he just wanted to go back to the cabin, he wanted to lay down, he complained when he got water in his eyes. So we did have some Sensory issues, however all I had to do was sit with him in the shallow water and hold him for a few minutes and he was able to coam himself down.

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