Monday, June 08, 2009

First week of daddy being out of the house

Went great okay we had one er visit and one urgent care visit, Gods way of telling me you get what you ask for, as I had to take all three to the ER and to urgent care, fun times...

Everyone is fine, just a virus and an accident with scissors.. (it never ends with three five year olds)

Today we spent the day at Pools Bridge Park, the kids had a great time playing with neighbors, sliding down the waterfalls, okay not huge waterfalls, very small ones.

Tomorrow we are off to my moms for the week and will be going camping over the weekend, this is our first experience camping and while we will be staying in a cabin it will still be a great experience for the kids. Smores by the fire, flashlight tag and collecting fire flies. The park has a water park that is designed for children eight and younger. I am very excited about this part and can not wait to see how they all respond to the park. I am a tad tense about how JM is going to do staying in a cabin and breaking from routine. I will report next week on what our days were like and how he did.

Thanks fro reading and staying in touch..

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