Thursday, June 04, 2009

First ER Visit for the summer and with all three in tow

So yesterday we had an accident of sorts. JM was cutting and in the process jabbed his wrist with the scissors. He managed to cut himself fairly deep and had a good bit of blood loss. He also had a vasal-vaga episode. This occurs when JM has an injury of some kind, his blood preasure will drop and result in him passing out and having a seizure. (this was very scary for mom)

I am going to have some more test ran on him to make certain that this is in fact what has caused this as this is not the first time this has happened.

We all went to the ER, well me and the three kids. I am very happy to report that they were very good while there and JM was such a brave boy as he got his two stitches in his arm.

Needless to say my scrapbooking scissors have now been locked up so that this does not happen again.

Our other challenges right now are that we are going to have a month break in therapy as a result in a change in insurance companies. So far they are doing well with it, thank goodness mom has learned so much of the things we do at therapy so we can do them at home.

I am still worried about JM and how he will handle this as he seems to benefit the most from therapy. He has shown some signs of not calming himself as well as I want him to, but I have to remember to be patient with him.

This morning it was over my moms Cat, my mom lives about five hours from us, and he wanted to go see the cat, well needless to say we can not just get in the car and go see kitty. so he cried for about thirty minutes. I did deep preasure, I did brushing, everything that came to my mind and nothing would calm him. Finaly I brought out pictures of him and kitty and he started to calm down.

We will have to see how this goes.

Then the challenges never end, today it has rained all day, so no day at the pool and now Douglas is running a high fever. Lovely.. So the trip to the ER resulted in JM getting stitches and Douglas getting sick..


  1. Oh no! I hope they get better! And I'm glad that they were at least good for you at the ER! Scary stuff! I just did another post on The SPD Life that might give you some tips on how to help them! Good luck! :)

  2. Oh no! Never ends, right? I hope your weekend goes much better.

    My two year old son, also named John Michael (but more commonly goes by Jack) was diagnosed with SPD in April. Your blog has been of tremendous help to me!


  3. my sister-in-law almost have triplets but twins now as one of them not develop. :(


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