Friday, September 26, 2008

Anticts of four year olds

Well I really thought I was finished with the blog post today. Then we came home from going to dinner the three of them went outside to play. Before I knew what was happening John Michael was at the top of the slide and he was peeing on the slide, and laughing his head off. I ran inside to get some towels to clean it off, while I was inside Douglas decides to walk up the slide

Yes the slide that JM just took a piss on, he slips lands on his face and now has his first black eye, bruised and swollen check and his nose is bruised as well. Nothing is broken he cried a good bit but he is okay.

Kids will be kids and boys will be boys I guess, but my goodness they are going to be the end of me.

Now that I have stopped laughing and realized that everyone is okay.

you can laugh as well

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  1. I'm laughing. Boys will definitely be boys.

    When my three were younger, I used to bathe them all at once. I turned my back for second, only to turn back and see them playing dunk the bobbing poop that was floating across the water. Disgusting. These are the stories you need to save for their wedding day.

    I stopped over from The Mom Blogs and glad I came. :)


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