Friday, November 14, 2008

What a night, vomiting, up all night

and no not me, it has been forever since any of them have been this sick and it is not fun. To think it was all caused by medication I gave my poor baby. Back up to yesterday, I took Doug to the dermatologist for a fungal infection he has, she put him on this horrid medication. Anyway we get home and he is being an angel, he goes down stairs to play with Kalie and John Michael 15 minutes later he is crying, I run down, Kalie is sitting on him while JM hits him in the head with a firemen helmet. Lovely now we are beating up on our brother, he comes upstairs with me, while daddy puts the other two in timeout.

we eat dinner, Doug gets his meds, bath and then off to bed for everyone. Douglas is crying again, run up stairs and he is having his normal bathroom issues, (sorry douglas) we bring him down stairs and I sit with him while he works it all out. He goes back to bed after. He wakes back up at tenish crying, to his room we go and there it is vomit all over him, his bed the floor it was gross.. we get him up, bath time again, quick this time.

he is in major pain, stomach is cramping and he throws up to the point that he is dry heaving. I spent the entire night up with him, most of it in the bathroom. He took a great nap today and is feeling great. Poor boy had such a rough day yesterday...

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