Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No more therapy

And in case you are unaware this is not something I am happy about, it seems our current insurance ran has utilized max visits for the year, or will have after tomorrow's visit. Then there is the new insurance, that starts on Jan 1, they will only pay at a rate of 50%. I love our therapist, they have bent over backwards for us and have been working with the kids for the past three years. It is very hard to leave them. I guess I will start researching school based therapy for them. This is not the route I wanted to take as it goes on their school record. But it appears that I do not have any choice.

Just in case you are unaware of our issues, all three kids have what is called SPD, Sensory Processing Disorder. They can not process all the information coming in, which results in some behavioral problems. They did not talk till they were close to three years old, an aspect of the SPD. Therapy has helped them to come a long way, but we still have so much further to go. I am not sure where we will go from here. Keep us in your prayers.

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