Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turkey Day is on the way

Turkey day, or should we say Thanksgiving will be here soon. The kids call it Turkey day, which they got from their Aunt Kristel whom called it the same. They are all three very excited as we have company coming in to visit for the week. They can not wait to see their granny, but what they do not know is that their BreBre will be here as well.

We had a great week at school this year, JM had a program and all of us ate lunch together afterwords. We had a picnic on the school grounds. They were all three very excited about us spending the time together.

Life is changing for us, they are at a point in which they want to play with their friends more, they get off the bus and off they go. I spend my afternoons chasing them down and making sure they are not causing trouble. I sometimes can not believe how big they have gotten or that they are now so independent.

We have started decorating for Christmas, everything with the exception of the trees are up. We will do the trees when my mom gets here on Tuesday, or Wednesday. She will enjoy doing that with them and it will be a nice family thing to do together.

Thanksgiving day will be spent with good friends, she is cooking the Turkey and I will handle the Ham and sides. The kids will be playing with their friends and will enjoy the day. I can not wait, it should be a lot of fun this year.

Last year resulted in a broken ankle for me, which was why we had the surgery in September. Lets be hopeful that this year we will not have any visits to the hospital.

All three children did a book this week at school on the things I am thankful for, to see it through their eyes is so amazing. All three said they are thankful for their house and mom and dad..

Have a blessed week all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!^^

    Happy Thoughts

  2. I have noticed lots of folks putting up their tree even before Thanksgiving. It is pretty to see, but of course causes me panic immediately... "Oh NO I have to go SHOPPING!" :) I can never put the tree up more than two weeks before Christmas or the kids go NUTS. Too much anticipation for too long... so I just enjoy everyone else's trees until then!


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