Saturday, March 07, 2009

Oh wow, it has been a while

Sorry for the delay in letting you know how things are going with us. Things have been insane to say the least.

We have been sick since Jan. it started with me of course, I came down with a nasty case of Strep. Just when we thought we had survived it without any of the children getting it Douglas got it. Two weeks later, just when he was getting better, John Michael got it as well as oral virus that causes blisters in and around the mouth, similar to hand foot and mouth but not HFM. You would know that not one of them gets but so does Kalie, thank goodness by the time she showed symptoms we knew what to do to make it to where it did not get as bad as John Michaels did, but poor JM he got it so bad. His lip still shows signs of it.

Keith has been traveling for work and I have been busy rehabbing my foot. We are still not out of the water with surgery but I am not doing it anytime soon if it is decided we have to go that route.

The kids are registered for Kindgeration, hard to believe they are old enough to go to school. They are getting so big and have come so far in five years. Yes it is almost five years now, they will turn five on the 31st of this month. Oh my where oh where did the time go.

Kalie and I are traveling to Mississippi next week for a girls weekend, daddy is staying home with the boys.

Other than that life is as always hectic as can be.

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