Friday, June 03, 2005

We now have Toddlers

It is so hard to believe but yes everyone is now walking, Kalie is not as advanced as the boys but she is getting there. It is truely wonderful to see them walking across the floor. They are getting so big, well they are to me.
It has been an increadable year, very busy at times, and insance to say the least. But our babies are growing up and they play so well together that Mommy now actualy has some time to herself, Not much but some.

Life with them has been wonderful. I could not imagine ever going back to the way things were pre babies.

Douglas has such a sweet smile and his eyes light up when you enter the room. He is such a happy boy and just a joy to be around. Some how he manages to steal everyones heart.

Kalie Rose has eyes that would make anyone mealt, they are so big and blue and she has one dimple. She has her daddy wrapped so tight

John Michael is so serious all the time, a true Pagel. He is just to cute, he plays well in his crib when he wakes in the morning, he lapghs and giggles it is so fun to sit and listen to them.

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